Winter Tires: What to Know

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Winter conditions call for winter accessories. And outfitting your vehicle with a set of winter tires is one of the best ways to combat the difficult driving conditions of an Illinois winter. 

Visit Continental Mazda of Naperville to speak to our team of technicians about equipping your car with a set of winter tires. 

The Benefits of Winter Tires

Winter tires offer improved starting, stopping, and cornering over other tires. This special type of tire has deeper and more aggressive treading than other types of tires. This tread pattern cuts into snow and ice and pushes moisture out and away from the tire instead of under, reducing the chances of hydroplaning. Some winter tires even have small studs protruding from them for even greater traction. 

Winter tires are also made of a different type of rubber. Instead of tightening up under cold temperatures like the rubber used in regular tires, winter tires maintain their integrity in extreme cold to help preserve proper traction. So winter tires remain highly effective even when there is no snow or ice on the ground.

Winter Tires vs. All-Weather Tires

You might think that all-weather tires would be good for winter use. After all, “all-weather” would surely ecompass winter, right? Well, yes and no. All-weather tires are certainly better equipped for winter driving than regular or “summer” tires. But they are really only effective in mild winter climates. The tread pattern is not as deep and the rubber tends to harden up in the cold, which leads to reduced traction. And summer tires have even less treading than all-season tires. A harsh Illinois winter requires much more.

The tread patterns and rubber material found in winter tires is much more conducive to performing under tough winter conditions than those of either all-weather or summer tires. 

Get Your Winter Tires at Continental Mazda

Continental Mazda of Naperville, IL has all your winter tire needs. Our tire center features products from the leading tire brands such as Bridgestone, Goodyear, Dunlop, and more all at competitive prices, expertly installed, and backed by our road hazard coverage. 

Visit us on Aurora Avenue in Naperville or schedule your service appointment online to equip your vehicle with a set of winter tires and leave difficult driving conditions in your rearview mirror.

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